Milton’s Missing Ibis: Bin Chicken Statue Stolen

Bin chicken

An ibis statue has been stolen from Milton bus station, the latest in a series of thefts of the city’s popular bin chicken art.

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The ibis sculpture was one of six initially installed around Brisbane by artist Ryan Forster (Sethius Art) as part of the “Brisbane Bin Chicken Trail.” Forster’s bin chicken art aims to celebrate the iconic Australian native bird that is often found rummaging through trash.

According to Forster, the beloved statues unfortunately seem to be targets of theft despite being so popular with the local community.

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“I made metal bin chickens and installed them around Brisbane as public art. But unfortunately they kept getting stolen. People loved them and they went viral all the time so I knew I needed a way to make them more permanent,” said Forster.

“I came up with the Bin Chicken Trail where businesses, homeowners and communities would buy a ‘Binny’ and I would attach it securely on their premises. It helps to bring eyes to their business and feet in their door. But moreover it’s a bit of fun, gives people a laugh and supports wildlife conservation charities.”

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After a previous sculpture was taken from the Milton bus station, Forster responded by boldly putting one on the roof of a brewery. That brewery statue remains in place.

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The divisive yet quintessentially Australian white ibis, also known as the bin chicken because of their scavenging activities, has even become a surprising contender to represent the city as the official mascot for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

The missing ibis had become a landmark in the area. Many hope it will be returned. With Brisbane’s bin chickens beloved by many, Forster and the community are determined to spread the bin chicken art and joy around the city. 

Published 2-February-2024