14 Park Road, Milton: The Last Remaining 19th Century Shop

14 Park Road Milton

As 14 Park Road goes through a redevelopment, it’s worth reflecting on how the Milton property has evolved, as well as its importance to the commercial precinct that Park Road has been for over 100 years.

Number 14 is the last remaining shop that was built in the nineteenth century.

The story of 14 Park Road goes back to 1888 when Thomas Smith, who owned a horse-driven taxi company, purchased the property for 500 pounds and built a shop with a house attached above.

Smith’s wife was a dressmaker and milliner and she plied her trade from 14 Park Road whilst living upstairs.

Ensuingly, the property became a grocer’s shop and in 1906, it became a confectionary shop, back in the days when selling sweets was a standalone business.

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It also looks like it traded as a bike shop including motorbikes just before the war.

In 1941 , Hinton’s Shop was fined for selling beer without a license.

In 1954, there was a development application submitted to turn the property into two apartments; however, it was rejected.

In the 1980s, an extension and a car park were proposed but again rejected. By the same decade, a menswear shop and a hair designer were tenants of the property. Hair Diorsa, Studio 14 on Park and Bombay Bliss, 2 Forks, Fish Roe and Rheema Restaurant, Sanctuary 14 and Fromage The Cow have been among recent tenancies.

Photo Credit: BCC Heritage Listing

The new development will look stunning and the renders suggest that Mrs Smith’s profession will be commemorated.

Photo Credit: Chase Commercial

The pyramidal roof and curved verandah roof will remain.

The rear will be extended to enable car parking at the back and the first floor will be turned into a modern office tenancy.

The last recorded sale for the Park Road property was in 2002 when it changed hands for $1.18 Million.

Published 26-April-2023