Suncorp Stadium Management Addresses Community Concerns With Improved Security Measures

Suncorp Stadium management
Photo credit: Wong Wallace/Google Maps

To prevent rugby league fans from using residential streets as restrooms, the Suncorp Stadium management has installed advanced CCTV cameras in the vicinity.

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In May 2022, the issue garnered significant attention after a violent brawl occurred during the opening night of Magic Round at Suncorp Stadium.

A local resident of Clifton Street reported that five men urinated on a fence opposite her house after the match between Broncos and Cowboys, but alleged that two police officers ignored them. However, the stadium management stated that their CCTV footage review did not capture any such incident.

Suncorp Stadium management
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Last year, residents also voiced their concerns after incidents of littering, foul language, public urination, defecation, and even sex acts in public.  They highlighted that the problem might escalate due to the surge in the number of rugby league matches, particularly after the Dolphins started playing some games at the stadium.

Suncorp Stadium management
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The residents are tolerant of the lighting and noise, and acknowledge the possibility of litter. However, they are displeased with the presence of a group of drunk young men loitering in their neighbourhood. They believe that such behaviour is detrimental to the reputation of both rugby league and the stadium.

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Alan Graham, general manager at Suncorp Stadium, emphasised their commitment to being a responsible neighbour in Petrie Terrace, Milton, and Auchenflower. 

In response to the incidents that occurred last year, the Suncorp Stadium management has increased security measures in Clifton St and other adjacent streets. 

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These measures include improving lighting on Clifton St, installing high-quality CCTV cameras to assist law enforcement in identifying offenders, regularly communicating with residents, providing portable toilets outside the stadium, liaising with the police, and implementing other precautionary measures.

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The act of public urination is classified as an offence under the Queensland Government’s Summary Offences Act 2005. Whilst it is a misdemeanour punishable by a fine, it is still frequently determined in court.

Published 21-April-2023