Celebrating Diversity in Milton: St Francis College Holds On Earth Festival

St Francis College
Photo Credit: OnEarthFestival/Youtube

St Francis College is embracing joy and celebrating diversity in the return of the On Earth Festival, where “being together” is the order and purpose of the day.

The On Earth Festival is a time for connecting and participating in a flurry of activities but every guest, regardless of race, age, religion, background, gender, and sexual orientation, may also create, discuss, contemplate and transform.

Photo Credit: StFrancisCollege/Facebook
Photo Credit: StFrancisCollege/Facebook

The event serves to encourage people “to come together, relax, eat, drink, connect, share and learn,” as well as to inspire changes. On Earth Festival also coincides with the St Francis College Open Day, where mini-lectures will be conducted by members of the faculty.

Visitors may learn about the school’s wide range of study options, which explores the Christian faith. Guests may grab the opportunity to talk to staff about courses and subjects or visit the library, the gardens, the Old Bishopsbourne and the Chapel, as well as meet the students. 

Photo Credit: StFrancisCollege/Facebook

Practical Theology Lecturer Jonathan Sargeant will be one of the speakers during the On Earth Festival/Open Day. He will touch on normalising the subject of religion in Australian cultures 

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Per the organisers, “Jonathan will share the work of the Westhill Project, including some simple communication techniques which enable non-threatening, dialogue-encouraging conversations that integrate faith and life in the 21st Century.”

Meanwhile, the festival itself will also be a celebration of “music, art, spirit, and justice,” featuring the likes of Lydia Fairhall, a talented Worimi woman, Jackson King, whose music inspirations include Nina Simone, and the Brisbane Pride Choir. 

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