Will Caxton Street Be Turned Into a Pedestrian Mall Soon?

Would Caxton Street Be Turned Into a Pedestrian Mall Soon?

Caxton Street could soon be closed to traffic in the evening and on weekends, if plans for the strip push through. Local business owners believe that the strip needs upgrading and enhancing pedestrian safety to draw more crowds into the area.

Local businesses are putting forward plans to turn the strip into a vibrant pedestrian mall that would span from Suncorp Stadium to the Barracks. A semi-permanent set-up may be considered for Council approval, consisting of retractable bollards that would allow the area to be closed in the evening and on weekends, making it much safer for visitors to move around.

Caxton Street
Photo Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland / https://www.queensland.com

Business owners are pushing for the revitalisation of the stretch so it can keep up with the ongoing developments in the city especially once the Olympics kicks in. Caxton Street is also expected to get busier beginning next year with several sporting events already lined up in 2023  including the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Dolphins and the Broncos playing at Suncorp Stadium.

Whilst some residents welcome the proposal, others are concerned that the proposed project could worsen traffic around the area. 

“Not good for the residents of Petrie Terrace as motorists will take the side streets to avoid. A better idea would be to enclose hale street into a tunnel and put parklands over the top as it used to be.” – N. Hall

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 Caxton Hotel
Caxton Hotel | Photo Credit: The Caxton / caxton.com.au

“Closing off Caxton Street will make for a traffic nightmare on Waterworks road into the city. Only other options would be Samford Rd or Milton Rd. Neither or which are great runs.” – K. Hopkins

“I like it, but they need to do better traffic routing around it for game days. If they close milton rd as well it would be a nightmare.” – P. Rosenow

“Sounds like a safe and sound idea to me but not until later in the night.” – F. Lansley

“It’s a bus route. The diversion adds travel time.” – R. Turner

“I think it should be closed permanently. Would be better as a mall.” – J. Taylor

Named after English writer and merchant William Caxton, the precinct is home to some of Brisbane’s finest entertainment venues, pubs and restaurants including the iconic Caxton Hotel and the Lord Alfred Hotel. A popular entertainment and dining destination in the inner city, Caxton Street comes alive on weekends, particularly after an NRL or soccer game. Caxton Street is also known for its annual street party event, the Caxton Hotel Seafood Festival.