This Dog Daycare in Milton Will Make Your Fur Baby Feel at Home

Are you worried about leaving your dog home alone whilst you are at work or on a short vacation? If you are looking for a dog daycare in Milton, you can find one on the busy street of Parkview.

Paddington Pups is located at 12 Parkview street, Milton and opens on weekdays from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. It offers a range of services, from taking care of dogs to grooming them and offering pet parents with supplies their buddies need.

To participate, they require that all dogs are spayed or neutered after six months, up-to-date on vaccinations, and do not suffer from behaviour issues like aggression.

Benefits of Daycare for Dogs

1.It helps develop your pet’s social skills.

In a daycare, your fur baby gets a chance to interact with other dogs. Socialization is as important in dogs as it is to us, humans. It helps your fur baby remain calm in a variety of situations.

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2. It ensures safety.

It is safe to send your pet in daycare than leave it at home without company. Many dogs are very good at escaping their yard or crate. In a daycare, your pet will be monitored closely to ensure it’s safe.

3. Your dog gets the daily exercise he needs.

One of the benefits of sending your dog to a daycare is that it gets to exercise not just its body but also the mind. Whilst Paddington Pups do not give outdoor walks, they have scheduled and routine exercise program for all the dogs throughout the day. They use a range of toys that are stimulating for dogs.

4. It’s flexible.

Your dog does not need to attend daycare every day but it may do so if you like. It will be up to you how many days in a week you would like to send your pet in a daycare.

5. You can have the peace of mind.

Your buddy gets to receive the love and cuddles from the crew whilst you are away. If you are at work, you don’t have to constantly worry if your dog will be anxious or will end up destroying things, like ripping apart your favourite clothing whilst home alone.

For more information about Paddington Pups, check out their website or follow them on Facebook.