The Latest from Milton State School: Updates and Insights

Milton State School
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Milton State School takes pride in its strong bonds with the community, and the school regularly hosts a variety of events to strengthen these connections. Here are some of the recent activities that have taken place at the school in early 2023.

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Launch of Active School Travel Program

Milton State School
Photo credit: Milton State School/Facebook

Milton State School launched its 2023 Active School Travel Program. To kick off the program, they hosted an Active Travel Disco, celebrating students who walk, cycle, skate, scooter, park-and-stride, or carpool to school. 

The program encourages students to choose active modes of transportation, and each Wednesday, they collect data on the percentage of students actively travelling to school. The classes with the highest percentage in different areas are rewarded with a sports kit or board games.

By promoting active travel, the school hopes to reduce traffic around the school area and promote a healthier lifestyle for the students.

Containers for Change

Milton State School
Photo credit: Milton State School/Facebook

This March 2023, the school organised a successful Containers for Change drive. The event attracted an impressive number of participants, resulting in the collection of more than 2,500 recyclable containers in just under an hour. Michael Berkman, MP for Maiwar, was also present to show his support for the cause.

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State Swimming Championships

Photo credit: Milton State School/Facebook

At the Queensland Swimming Championships, which took place on 26 March 2023, four students from the school, Rosie, Isla, Alex, and Riley, represented Metropolitan North in the competition against the top school sport athletes in Queensland. 

Rosie competed in the 50m Butterfly, Isla in the 50m Backstroke, Alex in the 50m, 100m, and 200m Freestyle, and Riley in the 50m & 100m Butterfly and 50m Breaststroke. Additionally, all of the students participated in relay teams during the event.

Camp at Currimundi 

Photo credit: Milton State School/Facebook

Year 5 students embarked on an exciting camping trip to Currimundi. The itinerary was jam-packed with a range of thrilling activities, including rafting, team challenges, circus skills, archery, catapult building, rock climbing, and caving. For many of the kids, the caving experience proved to be a standout favourite.

Wildlife Rangers

Photo credit: Milton State School/Facebook

Year 2 students received a visit from the Wildlife Rangers, which proved to be an engaging and informative experience for the students. The children were thrilled to meet some adorable animals and learned about their unique life cycles and identifying features that help to classify them into distinct animal groups.

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Published 12-April-2023