This Milton Institution Has Been Around Since 1952 and Offers an Interesting Alternative for Yr 11 and 12 Students

Hubbard's School

Did you know that there is a school in Milton that offers an excellent alternative to traditional education, accommodating those who wish to improve their Year 12 results, meet prerequisites, or complete their Year 11 and 12 studies in an alternative setting?

Situated on Lang Parade in Milton, Hubbard’s School presents a unique opportunity for students seeking an unconventional approach to their Year 11 and 12 studies through an accelerated and personalised program. As an independent co-educational institution, the school is committed to delivering a high-quality education that equips students for success at the tertiary level.

At Hubbard’s School, each course or subject is condensed into a single calendar year, instead of the standard two-year period.

In keeping with their non-traditional approach, Hubbard’s School promotes a balanced lifestyle and personal freedom, with a laid-back dress code and no mandatory extracurricular activities. Only attendance at lessons is required.

The school maintains a rigorous academic program that attracts students from diverse backgrounds.

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About Hubbard’s School

In 1952, two distinguished academics, Godfrey Hubbard and Dr Robert Squire, founded Hubbard’s School. Their initial goal was to support students in preparing for Senior External Examinations.

In 2001, the school obtained Non-State School status in and expanded its offerings. Today, aside from its academic program, the school includes a Tutoring Program and a range of other courses.

Since its inception, the school has expanded its facilities to include well-equipped classrooms, a cosy lunchroom, and a verandah for students to enjoy.

The school also hires laboratory facilities for science classes when necessary, providing a cost-effective laboratory experience for its students. The building is equipped with a Medi-tek stairlift at the front stairs, and all classrooms are situated on a single level at the top of the stairs.

Typically, families that send their children to Hubbard’s School do so because of its distinctive and customised learning approach that equips students who have non-traditional learning styles or specific needs and preferences with the skills they need to succeed at the tertiary level.

To enter Hubbard’s School, students go through a Senior Preparatory Year program. This serves as the main pathway for entry as the program is designed to help students catch up and accelerate their academic progress, preparing them for the compressed senior school subjects offered by the school.

The program covers foundation skills in English, Mathematics (General and Methods), Science (Life and Physical Sciences), and a Career Education Program (1 QCE point), which are typically taught in Years 10 and 11. 

Hubbard’s School offers Year 11 and 12 subjects, with students having the option to select from any five (or six) Senior School subjects. Students may also have the opportunity to choose University subjects (such as those offered through the Enhanced Studies Program at UQ) in their final year. 

In contrast to mainstream schools, students at Hubbard’s School complete these subjects within the year, allowing them to focus on alternative subjects towards their ATAR in the following year.

Upon completion of five general subjects (or four general subjects and one vocational subject), students will qualify to receive an ATAR and QCE.

One-on-one tutoring services for students in Years 6 – 12 because the school believes consistent tutoring help students achieve better academic outcomes, particularly in exam preparation and assignment organisation.

Personal Wellness Consulting and Coaching Services are available for students who want to improve their personal well-being. Life Coaching is also available to provide individuals with the guidance and confidence needed to achieve their goals successfully.

Visit their website here to learn more about Hubbard’s School.

Published 15-April-2023