Milton Petrol Prices Among the Highest In Brisbane: Where To Go For Cheap Petrol

milton fuel price

With average petrol prices in Brisbane hovering at 164.9 cpl as of 7 July, motorists should be on the lookout for fair prices at the pump. In Milton, petrol is 10 cpl higher than the Brisbane average. Here’s the low down on the high cost of petrol in Brisbane.

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Motorists will get a relatively fair deal versus the Brisbane average at Caltex Woolloongabba, along Logan Rd, where petrol is at 136 cpl as of 7 July. Shell Galloways Hill, where petrol is 157.9 cpl, is also a good option.

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To get daily updates on fair petrol prices, RACQ encourages motorists to download and use their Fair Fuel Finder app (on Android or iOS). Based on your location, the RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder App automatically compares prices across multiple retailers in the immediate and surrounding areas. Once you’ve selected a retailer, the in-built “get directions” feature, which links to Google Maps, will take you straight there.

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The Cost of Driving Your Car

In a recent media release, RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie discussed the increase in license and registration fee plus higher prices to pay for breaking the law on the road.

“Transport taxes and charges are already the third-highest cost for Queensland households so it’s disappointing to see more strain being put on families, especially with many people still overcoming the financial impact of COVID-19,” she said.

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RACQ had reignited its calls for the State Government to freeze vehicle registration increases as the cost to motorists had risen by more than 13 percent over the last five years.

As the cost of fuel remains quite expensive in Brisbane, motorists are looking for ways to at least save money, including patronising service stations with the cheapest fuel prices.