Milton Business Lets Locals Discover Brisbane on eBike

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The gorgeous riverside views and the weather make Brisbane a perfect place to explore the outdoors. One business in Milton is letting locals and tourists see and experience the sights of the river city while riding an ebike.

eBike Hire Brisbane, located at 26 Douglas Street in Milton, provides quality ebikes for those who wish to go around Brisbane on their choice of ebike. Riders can choose from fast and sporty ebikes, cruisy and comfortable, or electric mountain bikes.

Test Ride

The ebike hire is ideal for people planning or thinking of purchasing an ebike to use for their regular commute. By temporarily hiring the alternative vehicle, they can test it for comfort and ease of use. It should also be a good time to test which type of ebike would suit them best.

If they get to like the ebikes they are riding, customers can arrange with the store to build them the ebike they prefer.

Before hiring an ebike, it would be good to know Queensland rules concerning bicycles. Ebikes, just like bicycles, are allowed on dedicated cycle paths and footpaths, unless signposted otherwise.

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To learn more about rules surrounding bicycles, read the Queensland bicycle and safety laws.

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Where to Go

The ebike can take riders to any point from the retail outlet up to around 60 km. For farther rides, cyclists can pedal or bring a charger and find a place to recharge.

The Milton retail outlet is situated close to South Bank and the inner city markets. Cyclists can explore places such as Mount Coot-tha Lookout and be rewarded with outstanding views of the city.

Photo credit: Electric Bikes Brisbane/Facebook

An ebike hire can also take bring the cyclist to the Lone Pine Koala Sancturary, which should take around 30-40 minutes from Milton.

Riders can also explore the many points of interest around the inner city. They can headĀ over to Paddington or Newstead to get a closer look at their heritage places. They can also cross the river to take in the views from Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

Find out more about the ebike hire opportunity.