Little Scholars: Brisbane CBD Childcare Centre Introduces Valet Service

Little Scholars
Photo Credit: Little Scholars/Facebook

Little Scholars, a family-owned childcare facility in Brisbane CBD, has introduced a first-of-its-kind valet service to ease the drop-off point in a busy section of George Street.

The school has set up a separate secured “drop and go” meeting area for the educators to fetch the children from their parents or guardians as they arrive at school. Following a consultation with the parents, the move was made to limit the stress the kids experience, especially at the start of the day. 

In a survey in early 2021, the families told the campus of their struggles with this daily routine that includes the commute, locating a parking space, and then going up the elevator to bring the kids to Little Scholars. The whole process apparently takes at least 30 minutes every morning.  

Photo Credit: Little Scholars/Facebook

Little Scholars Founder and Managing Director Jae Fraser said that they had to make the adjustments as parents are slowly returning to work following the lockdowns. 

Last year, when the pandemic started, Brisbane CBD was quite deserted and their school’s enrollment dropped to 40 percent. However, as more establishments reopen and resume work, Mr Fraser said they recognise the need to “create a less stressful childcare experience” not just for the kids but also for the parents who have to juggle their home and work life. 

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Parents love the valet service, which has been maximised since its introduction. The adults said that this initiative has been more enjoyable and they could see their children feeling more positive about going to the childcare centre.

Little Scholars has been opened since 2017 and caters to children between the ages of six weeks to six years old. The centre is located via a short walk near the train station on Roma Street.