Historic Milton Site to be Transformed into a Thriving Urban Village

Historic Milton Site to be Transformed into a Thriving Urban Village

A $300 Million “urban village” development plan to transform the historic Milton site into a vibrant community, featuring four towers and preserving the iconic Milton House has been revealed..

Shayher Group has recently submitted concept plans for an ambitious project in Milton. The planned structure would replace one of the city’s oldest homes with a large “urban village” on a riverfront site. 

In the mixed-use project, four structures with a total height of 30 to 37 stories will be included with an estimated cost exceeding $300 million.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au 

The primary objective of the masterplan scheme is to create a residential-led development that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding area. The proposed towers will house a diverse range of amenities, including multiple homes, serviced apartments, short-term accommodation, vertical retirement living, and office spaces. 

Additionally, the project aims to incorporate a subtropical public plaza, an indoor sports facility, shops, and retirement living options within the vibrant community of Milton.

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The site, which stretches along Coronation Drive and the Brisbane River, was reportedly acquired by Shayher Group for $94.9 million. Currently, it comprises four office buildings of varying heights and the historic Milton House.

Photo Credit:  Kgbo, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1853 for Ambrose Eldridge, a retired Queen Street chemist, the heritage-listed Milton House is one of the oldest surviving pre-Separation houses in Brisbane. The developers plan to preserve and adaptively reuse this historical treasure, emphasising its cultural significance within the project.

A 5,000 square metre area of the property will be made accessible as part of the renovation. It aims to give locals and tourists a much-needed parkland. This inclusion not only enhances the livability of the urban village but also offers Milton House unprecedented river views after decades of seclusion.

The project will be executed in two stages. The first stage will focus on the preservation and renovation of Milton House and the establishment of the Heritage Square precinct, which will include one of the towers. 

Subsequently, the second stage will involve the development of the Village Square precinct and the construction of three additional towers. The maximum building height was originally intended to be 40 stories, but after discussions with the council, this was reduced to 37 stories. 

Despite the reduction, the project still exceeds the height of the existing preliminary approval for four 20-storey buildings. Therefore, the outcome will be evaluated based on performance criteria.

Published 3-July-2023