Church Worried About ‘Stupor’ Over Milton Brewery Expansion

XXXX Milton Brewery

XXXX Brewery has come under fire from the Anglican Church for its plans to construct a 120,000-litre ethanol storage facility in Milton, a development whose presence could prove detrimental to the health of students at the nearby St Francis’ Theological College.

Church Concerned About ‘Stupor’

The Synod argues the proposed ethanol store, located just eight metres from a residential building housing priests and 19 metres from the college library, could expose residents to harmful ethanol emissions.  

The corporation of The Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane has filed an appeal with the Planning and Environment Court against the approval for three new 40,000-litre ethanol tanks at the historic Milton Road brewery. 

According to the appeal notice filed on May 9, the National Pollutant Inventory warns that exposure to ethanol can cause symptoms such as “irritation to the eyes, skin and nose, drowsiness and headache,” as well as “stupor, nausea, mental excitement or depression, vomiting, flushing and coma.”

Explosion Risk Cited  

The Synod also raises concerns about the potential for a “vapour cloud explosion” at the ethanol store. The Synod owns 38,000 square metres of land adjacent to the brewer. 

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St Francis College
View of XXXX Brewery from inside the college premises
Photo Credit: Mark Guo/Google Maps

St Francis’ Theological College has operated on the site since 1936, while the XXXX brewery dates back to 1877, when it was opened by Victorian brothers Nicholas and Edward Fitzgerald. The church-owned land also includes heritage-listed buildings, student and refugee accommodations, a library, and lecture rooms.  

The Synod argues that alternative locations on the 58,270-square-metre XXXX site, further away from their college, could be used for the ethanol store.

Dangerous Goods

The local arm of global drinks giant Lion Beer, Spirits and Wine Pty Ltd informed Council during the development application’s assessment,  that the ethanol store would be used to produce alcoholic seltzers and similar mixed drinks. The ethanol would be chilled below the point classified as a dangerous good before being piped to the brewing facility.

The Anglican Church Southern Queensland has expressed concerns about the potential impact on air quality and safety risks associated with handling a Class 3 flammable liquid near residential accommodation.

DA A006226036 was approved in April 2023. No defence has been filed, and no hearing date has been set yet.

Published 27-May-2024