Assessment Paused for Planned Dining Precinct Across Milton Markets

Milton Cribb St
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Assessment for the planned dining precinct across Milton Markets has been paused until the end of the year per the developer’s request.

Clare Cribb Pty Ltd through Urban Strategies Pty Ltd filed for notice to stop the current period for DA A005900846 in May 2022. The project was supposed to revitalise an industrial precinct into a food and drink outlet with shops and potential accommodation.  

In early March, severe weather and flooding battered Milton, prompting extended closures for many businesses and other services.

Currently, a warehouse and commercial carpark occupy one building, whilst the other buildings include a gym and a motor mechanic. If the project pushes through, parts of the building containing the gym will be demolished. The rest of the structure will be refurbished and extended. 

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

The developers’ vision is to turn the block along 32-40 Cribb St, across the popular Milton Markets, into a “gastronomic precinct” that will have a “microbrewery, craft distillery, food hall (including a series of ‘micro-restaurants’), restaurant and rooftop bar, all situated around landscaped, terrace dining.”

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Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

The site will also have a rooftop deck, garden terrace dining and private laneway. The design will be cohesive and integrated to co-exist with the neighbouring areas that include a residential development. 

The Cribb St has existing development approval from 2016 for a residential tower that has yet to start construction.

“The proposal will contribute to the mix of uses within the precinct, and by becoming a pedestrianised hospitality hub, will capitalise on the precincts’ transit opportunities,” the planners stated.