‘Art of Courage’ in Milton Illuminates the Unyielding Spirit of Ukraine

Art of Courage in Milton
Photo Credit: Art of Courage/Instagram

“Art of Courage,” an immersive theatre experience that depicts hope, resilience, and the enduring spirit of the Ukrainian people, is nearing its conclusion at the PIP Theatre in Milton.

Running until the 17th of February 2024, this not-for-profit production promises to take viewers on a profound journey through the heart and soul of Ukraine.

Inspiring Empathy and Solidarity Through Storytelling

Through the art of storytelling, the creators of “Art of Courage” aim to inspire empathy, understanding, and solidarity among audiences, fostering a deeper connection with the rich culture and history of Ukraine. The performance serves as a reminder of the profound impact of theatre as a medium for introspection, learning, and cultural exchange.

The idea for “Art of Courage Ukraine” emerged from the personal devastation experienced by creator Sophia Hodych and all Ukrainians during the full-scale invasion by Russia in February 2022. Faced with the question of how to respond, Hodych sought to channel her skills and resources into a meaningful initiative to support children affected by the conflict. The journey from conception to fruition involved years of dedication, collaboration, and the unwavering generosity of Brisbane’s artistic community.

“After an invitation to perform the show at a Meeting of European Theatrical Academies in Florence, Italy, we staged our first iteration of the play. It was a great success with the applause calling actors for encore bows. It took us two years, two directors, five writers, andan exceptional production team of Brisbane’s best emerging artists to put the final version ofthe show together.

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All along, creatives were signing up for an overwhelming workload, without any expectation of compensation. This incredible generosity of Brisbane’s artists should instil hope for not only the future of Ukraine but the future of Australia also.

Art of Courage is a wonderfully ambitious undertaking. It’s ambitious in its use of technology and the film theatre fusion. It’s ambitious in its political messaging and the wide array of
historical topics it covers. The cultural and emotional journey promises a unique experience for any audience member. With an interactive set, audiences can choose their own
adventure and which storyline to follow. They’ll be able to come multiple times and witness different human circumstances in times of war.”

Sophia Hodych

Unveiling a Profound Exploration

“Art of Courage” offers a captivating narrative that delves deep into the history, tradition, and indomitable courage of Ukraine. Audiences are meant to be transported through time, experiencing ancient pagan traditions, witnessing haunting readings, and immersing themselves in the bloom of young romances. The quest for the elusive fern flower, symbolizing hope in despair, serves as a central motif, intertwining with tales of resistance against oppression.

All profits from this show will be donated to RAZOM for Ukraine. RAZOM’s initiatives, including toy drives and therapy programs, aim to provide support and aid to children impacted by the ongoing war. 

The collaboration between “Art of Courage” and RAZOM underscores the commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by conflict.

Published 13-Feb-2024