What’s the Latest at The Polish Club in Milton?

As it celebrates its 70th year in Milton, The Polish Club is busier than ever in 2023! Check out Polish Market Day and Mother’s Day Lunch at Polonia, happening this May!

Polish Market Day

On Saturday, 6 May 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., The Polish Club will be hosting another Polish Market Day, a monthly activity featuring an incredible lineup of stalls with the most unique offerings of goods, gift items, pantry stuff, homeware, accessories, and food.

There will be Polish Dumplings and Polish sausages, amazing pastries and many other Polish delights, along with the sumptuous Krakus Deli Meats from Sydney.

Polonia market day

The monthly Market Day brings together Polish creatives and entrepreneurs to sell authentic Polish small goods and food. The event’s upcoming schedules for the rest of the year are as follows:

1st July 
29th July
26th August
23rd September 
21st October 
18th November
16th December 

Mother’s Day at Polonia

The Polonia Restaurant at the Polish Club is honouring mums on Mother’s Day with a special mouthwatering lunch from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Guests may choose to treat their mums to a choice of traditional Polish sour rye soup with white sausage and egg or the flavorful Guinness lamb shank with sweet potato mash and broccolini. The meal also includes a package of  Polish doughnuts (pączek) from Ugly Duckling Caterer. 

Photo Credit: The Polish Club/Facebook

Polonia Restaurant’s Limited Offering 

For 5 May 2023, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the Polonia Restaurant will be offering a dish you should not miss and it will not likely be offered at any other time of the year. Grab the chance to savour the goodness of these pork tenderloins served on potato pancakes with a Saffron Milk Cap Mushrooms and Camembert cheese sauce, accompanied by sautéed zucchini:

Photo Credit: The Polish Club/Facebook

Incidentally, The Polish Club welcomed its new chef, Piotr, in April 2023, who has worked in restaurants in Krakow and Miechów. 

“Piotr has a very strategic mindset, and his interests span a wide range of fields. He has taken many courses, reads books and audiobooks, and is always trying new things to improve himself. His favourite type of cuisine to cook at home is a mix of French fresh herbs and vegetables with the Polish way of marinating meats. Piotr’s cooking tips include eating lighter food, moderation in everything, and adding more alkaline diet in life,” the club stated. 

Piotr’s arrival comes as The Polish Association of Queensland “Polonia” Inc. celebrated its 70th anniversary of moving into its fancy headquarters in Milton in April 2023.

Follow what’s happening at The Polish Club via its Facebook page

Published 2-May-2023

Polonia in Milton Secures Loan & Donations to Keep Historic Landmark

The Polish Club, also known as Polonia, on Marie Street in Milton has managed to avert a crisis that would have put the 60-year-old site under the hammer. In less than four months, its new committee was able to secure a loan, raise some funds, and increase club memberships and activities that would help pay off its outstanding debts.

In July 2021, the new committee under President Waldemar Duda received an outpouring of support from the community, enabling Polonia to raise $90,000, which would help pay off a $150,000 loan from a private company. 

Their financial troubles came to light early this year after a dispute with the former club president and treasurer, prompting the election of a new committee in April. Further probing by Mr Duda, the new treasurer Evelyn Jelliffee, and their lawyers revealed that the loan contract entered by the previous committee with the private company had a limited pay period. If the loan wasn’t paid off by September 2021, the club could lose its property. 

The club officials also learned that they need an additional $50,000 for unpaid fees to the Brisbane City Council and the Australian Tax Office.


  • The Polish Club, a.k.a Polonia, has found solutions to its financial problems.
  • After a change in committee heads through an election in April, the members learned that they needed to pay off $150,000 in private loans and $50,000 in Council and ATO fees.
  • They were able to raise money through donations, an increase in membership and activities, and another loan. 

However, club membership was down to just 42 members when the new committee took over. Thus, Mr Duda issued an appeal to the Polish community and the rest of the public as the club was under “severe financial hardship.”

Following the appeal, fundraisers and club activities to boost funding were set up to save the club. Whilst the lockdowns have had some impact on these activities, Polonia’s new membership gradually grew. According to a video update from Outback Polaks, they are now at over 500+ members, the biggest in the club’s history.

Days before Polonia had to inform the private loan company that they would be able to pay off the debt, the new committee announced that they had secured a bank loan. However, the Polish Club is not yet in the clear because of their other financial obligations. Donations remain active via the Go Fund Me page.

Constructed in 1964, The Polish Club was the “centre of social life” for post-war Polish immigrants in Brisbane.  

“Long before social media, where both young and old would gather to participate in Polish cultural events, enjoy the weekly dance/disco or just to indulge in the delicious Polish cuisine,” Pawel Krawczynski, the fundraiser organiser, wrote. “It would also be a place for people to come together to enjoy each other’s company when they felt homesick.”

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Meanwhile, as lockdown restrictions are slowly easing in Brisbane, Polonia’s restaurant has resumed accepting in-person dining for a limited number of guests. Reservations are advised. Phone (07) 3369 2747 to book a table. Follow the club’s Facebook page for the menu and trading hours.

A Fun and Enriching Polish Club Market Day Is Happening in Milton

A veritable bounty of homestyle Polish dishes and delicacies, quirky Polish arts and crafts items, and lively Polish folk music are just some of what you can expect at the Polish Club Market Day in Milton. Taking place on Saturday, the 12th of Oct 2019, this event is a must-see for anyone interested in experiencing and learning about the culture. 

A must-visit event for immigrants who could be missing the old country, Polish Club Market Day will be held from 9:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Hosted by The Polish Club (also known as Polonia) and taking place inside its reception hall at 10 Marie Street, this community event will feature rows of tables filled with authentic Polish goodies that every family member will enjoy.

Photo Credit: The Polish Club/Facebook

From Polish pastries and bread to Polish sausages and the deliciously divine Pierogi (stuffed dumplings filled with potatoes and cheese), you’ll relish the taste and aroma of homemade goods at this market day. Artisans of traditional and colourful Polish handicrafts are also going to showcase their creations like carved wooden boxes, pottery and perhaps a decorative Pisanski egg. 

After shopping treats and goods to take home, stay a while longer to chat with the locals of Polish ancestry. It should be wonderful to exchange stories of your childhood or share experiences about your new way of life in Brisbane. 

The Polish Club has been mounting events like this for years to support a small but strong community. The next Polish Club Market Day will take place on 9th November and 14th December 2019.