5 Delicious Reasons to Visit the Milton Mini Markets

Have you been to Milton MINI Markets recently? Here are five good reasons to drop by soon!

Every Thursday, the Milton Mini Markets pops up in the car park of Milton’s commercial office park district, presenting a variety of gourmet food stalls, provisions, coffee, flowers, and other offerings. Between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m, food enthusiasts flock to the market to satisfy their midday cravings.

Milton Mini Markets features numerous stalls, each with its own unique culinary offering. The market has established itself as a fixture in the city, with numerous people naming it as their preferred lunchtime spot.

Check out these places on your next visit:

Tasty East 2021

Tasty East provides a delightful selection of Vietnamese-Chinese street food, including grilled skewers, Malaysian fried rice, Singapore noodles, beef noodle soup, and other delectable offerings. Visit them when you get the chance to drop by to savour a contemporary take on classic Asian cuisine.

Photo credit:  Facebook / Tasty East 2021

Flavours of Eataly

Daniela, a skilled chef, arrived in Australia in 2002 and commenced work in a renowned Italian restaurant, where she later received a bronze medal at the International Culinary Extravaganza in 2003. In 2014, she followed her passion and founded a mobile food enterprise, which eventually transformed into Flavours of Eataly in 2017. They take pride in preparing everything from scratch, such as homemade spicy sausages and mouthwatering tiramisu.

5 Reasons to Visit Milton Mini Markets and Keep You Craving for More
Photo credit:  Facebook / Flavours of Eataly

Why not try their fresh gnocchi and other authentic Italian delicacies, such as gourmet pasta, lasagna, and fettuccine, alongside their equally delightful desserts, when you come across them at the Milton Mini Markets?

Hugh’s Bulgogi

Every Thursday at lunchtime, Hugh’s Bulgogi, managed by Uncle Hugh, delivers a genuine Korean culinary experience. Their menu consists of Bulgogi (beef), Japchae, Korean-style omelette, Chicken Gangjung, and Kimchi, presenting a varied selection of delectable dishes to appease your appetite.

5 Reasons to Visit Milton Mini Markets and Keep You Craving for More
Photo credit: Instagram / Hugh’s Bulgogi

Ma Cherie Espresso

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these scrumptious gluten-free snacks, perfect for indulging on-the-go or sharing as treats. From macaroons and brownies to cookies and more, these delectable options will leave you craving for more.

5 Reasons to Visit Milton Mini Markets and Keep You Craving for More
Photo credit:  Facebook / Ma Cherie Espresso

Bill’s Burgers

Experience the tastiest gourmet burgers made with premium ingredients, served from the trendy food truck of Bill’s Burgers on the bustling streets of Brisbane.

5 Reasons to Visit Milton Mini Markets and Keep You Craving for More
Photo credit:  Facebook / Bill’s Burgers

Bill’s Burgers prepares an assortment of delectable and meticulously crafted food items, such as the Bill The Kid and Son of Bill burgers, both featuring hand-pressed Angus beef patties and Bill’s special sauce, as well as the Buffalo Bill, which comes with 12-hour smoked beef brisket. Additionally, satisfy your hunger pangs with their Cheese & Bacon or Smoked Brisket Loaded Fries, both smothered in cheese, mayo, and slaw.

Undoubtedly, Milton Mini Markets continue to be a go-to location for food enthusiasts. With a wide selection of food choices from local and international vendors, you can satiate your appetite with diverse cuisines that cater to your cravings.

Round up your colleagues and head down to the Milton Mini Markets for an epic feed, some fresh air and a good time.