Milton Start-Up Expands Amidst Sales Boost of its Social Distancing Technology

A Milton start-up, which launched in 2017, is rapidly expanding amidst a boost in sales of its social distancing technology. OfficeMaps, founded by James Sowry and William Lee, is looking to hire more workers in the coming months to meet the demands of clients who want to keep their workspaces safe. 

OfficeMaps chief experience officer Robert Wilkinson said that their software sales grew 2.5 times higher from March to June, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. They have been receiving heaps of inquiries from HR managers and workers, thus the need to hire more workers.  

From a staff of five before the pandemic, the company has now grown with 12 workers. At least four more positions are expected to open in the next few months.

OfficeMaps provides a visual representation of the office space to help building administrators, HR and facilities managers, IT personnel, remote and agile workers easily find people and places within an interactive floor plan. It also helps with maximising use of shared floorspace or allocate desks or work areas to abide by social distancing measures.

In this COVID-19 new normal, OfficeMaps also introduced a new feature for contract tracing, which can be facilitated in a matter of minutes rather than going through the process manually. The software compiles a list of workers who were in the office at any given time.

Photo Credit: OfficeMaps

The software could also display occupancy statistics to ensure the safety of every worker in the building. It will notify the manager if the occupancy is nearing the threshold. 

For remote workers, the OfficeMaps’ interactive tool may also inform of teleconferences facilities or if a team member or project manager is currently in the building.

Photo Credit: OfficeMaps

The Milton start-up has raked 140,000 users around the world, with 50 percent of its subscribers in the U.S. The rest of its subscribers are from Australia and Europe. 

Interested companies may book a demo from OfficeMaps to see if the interactive office map and visual directory will be able to help in your day-to-day operations.