Queensland Police Memorial: Permanent Place for Quiet Reflection in City Botanic Gardens

Queensland Police Memorial, a new memorial to honour the 147 officers who have died while on duty since 1861, has been opened in Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens.

The Queensland Police Memorial would be a place of quiet reflection for all Queenslanders, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said during the dedication ceremony held 24 November 2018.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk
Video Still Credit: QueenslandPolice /YouTube

“While we dedicate this new memorial today, we also recognise no single monument can ever do justice to the enormous sacrifice of our fallen police officers,” Premier Palaszczuk said.

“Nevertheless, it’s important that we have a place which is solely in memory of the men and women who have tragically died in the line of duty.”

“These gardens opened only a few years before the Police Service was formally established in Queensland, so it’s an appropriate historic setting for a permanent memorial honouring officers from one of our State’s oldest and most important institutions.,” she said.

Police Remembrance Memorial

Photo Credit: QueenslandPolice /YouTube

The old memorial was decommissioned in November 2016 to give way to the redevelopment of the lower end of George Street. Associated name plates were temporarily relocated to the Queensland Police Service Academy at Oxley.

Delivered by Urban Arts Projects, the final design incorporated various symbolic representations such as the five individual archways and 10 pillars, symbolizing the 10 ranks within the Queensland Police Service.

The archways represent the memorial ribbon that officers wear on each National Police Remembrance Day whilst the pathway connecting the archways emphasises that “no officer or affected family will stand alone”.

Video Still Credit: QueenslandPolice /YouTube

“Since our first officer was killed on duty in 1861, there are now 147 officers whose name appears on the pillars of this police memorial,” Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said.

“Our community is made safer every day by the men and women of the Queensland Police Service and it is only fitting to honour and acknowledge those who made the ultimate sacrifice in this way,” he said.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart
Video Still Credit: QueenslandPolice /YouTube

The Queensland Police Service funded the project together with donations from the Queensland Police Union, Queensland Police Commissioned Officers Union and the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development, and Commonwealth Games.