The West End-Milton (Park Road) Ferry Service: A Slice of History

Did you know that in 1939, the West End-Milton (Park Road) ferry service was ordered to be closed amid opposition from some members of the Council? Here’s why.

The West End-Milton Ferry had been a vital part of the transportation network for people living in the West End and Milton areas. However, due to declining patronage and the deteriorating condition of the landing and boats, it was deemed no longer viable to continue operating the service.

In late July 1939, the Finance Committee of the City Council recommended the discontinuation of the ferry service from West End to Milton (Park Road). The committee had received a letter from the secretary of the Marine Board, which highlighted the condition of the landing and boats of the ferry. 

The Marine Board requested that the Council either effect repairs immediately or close the ferry down. The cost of repairing the landing and providing a new ferry was estimated at £240, but with only about 20 people each way per day using the ferry, the committee recommended that the service should be discontinued.

An amendment was proposed to reconsider the recommendation of the Finance Committee, but it was defeated by nine votes to seven on party lines. This decision was met with opposition by some members of the Council. 

Alderman Lane argued that discontinuing the ferry service would deprive citizens of a service to which they were entitled. He likened the council’s decision to closing down a section of the road rather than paying for its repair. 

Around 1914, the first ferry service in the area operated from Park Road Milton to South Brisbane. However, it was discontinued sometime in the 1940s.

In 1922, Percival Patrick Hanlon started a ferry service from Toowong to Hill End, operating from near the Regatta Hotel to Ferry Road in West End. The service ran until 1953, starting with a rowboat and later upgrading to motorboats.

When Mr Hanlon fell ill, his wife, Elizabeth Hanlon (formerly known as Elizabeth Dale), obtained her Master’s license and ran the ferry during her husband’s illness. However, Mr Hanlon was forced to retire from work in 1953. 

The ferry service continued under the management of Elizabeth Hanlon until January 1974, when the jetty and pontoon were destroyed by the Australia Day floods.

Although the West End-Milton ferry service is no longer in operation, its legacy lives on as a reminder of the importance of reliable transportation infrastructure and the dedicated individuals who work to maintain it.

Published 2-May-2023

Beurre Pastries Is Coming to Town

Look who’s making its way into Brisbane’s bakery scene. Beurre Pastries, from the creative team behind LeBakermen in Christchurch, will soon be showcasing its array of delicious pastries on Park Road in Milton.

Beurre Pastries is nestled in the heart of Milton, situated directly across from La Dolce Vita on Park Road. Owner and patissier, Will Leung, is the mastermind behind Beurre Pastries. Having gained years of experience and inspiration from his travels across Japan, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand, he is now prepared to parade his most innovative and imaginative pastry creations. So get ready to indulge in the delectable pastries that embody Will’s passion for baking.

Black sesame and yuzu morning bun
Black sesame and yuzu morning bun | Photo credit:  beurrepastriesbne / Instagram

The menu is thoughtfully divided into four sections: core items, seasonal treats, monthly specials, and locals-only items. These sections are brimming with classic and inventive creations that will leave your taste buds yearning for more. 

Peanut butter, Belgium milk chocolate and morello cherries pain suisse
Peanut butter, Belgium milk chocolate and morello cherries pain suisse | Photo credit:  beurrepastriesbne / Instagram

Expect to be dazzled by the likes of black sesame morning buns with yuzu glaze; cinnamon monkey bread cube; peanut butter, Belgium milk chocolate and morello cherries pain suisse; and an array of other enticing pastries that grace the display cabinets. And with its menu that changes with the seasons and monthly specials, there’s surely always something new to try.

To complement the heavenly pastries, Beurre Pastries offers a selection of Bare Bones coffee blends and a range of specialty iced drinks. 

Beurre Pastries is located at 33 Park Road in Milton. Visit their social media page for more updates leading up to its opening.

Beurre Pastries opens on 23 June 2023. 

Published 28-April-2023

Park Road Milton Village Precinct Slowly Recovering from Decades of Slump

Shop owners on Park Road in Milton are optimistic about the precinct’s revival and the influx of new customers after years of a slump due to the departure of key businesses.

In the last few years, Park Road cafes and other stores were forced to move out of the precinct due to increasing rent rates and parking issues, especially during game days at the nearby Suncorp Stadium. The renovation of the stadium has also had a direct impact on the competition of businesses in the surrounding areas.

Milton has also been heavily impacted by Brisbane’s major flooding events in the last decade, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, a few new businesses, such as Mongrel and Arrivederci, are slowly keeping the precinct abreast with activities. Oldtimer La Dolce Vita cafe, which will be turning 34 years old in 2023, has been buzzing with different events that are spilling over to the street side. 

PIP Theatre, the private entertainment facility, has also secured a 10-year tenancy at the Dome and has unleashed a full program of plays, cabarets and other live productions for 2023.

Heaps of apartment developments are also helping the strip turn a corner. The Ambrose’s construction is almost finished and will welcome 400 residents. Another residential tower with 50 units has been under construction since September 2022. Shayher Group is also set to transform Coronation Drive a few blocks away with a mix of residential and commercial units. 

Meanwhile, Brisbane City Council has a $500,000 commitment to redevelop Park Road and its neighbouring shopping precinct. The final plans for this project will be out in early 2023 for community feedback.  

Park Road Milton Village Precinct
Photo Credit: BCC