Brisbane’s Heritage-Listed Theatre to Add New Laneway, Outdoor Dining Space

Metro Arts Theatre in Brisbane CBD is up for exciting developments that will enliven lifestyle and dining experience at the heritage-listed building.

The theatre building on Edward Street is set to have refurbishments that will include an enhanced laneway. The project is intended to revitalise the existing laneway, which is practically underutilised.

Also part of the project is the partial demolition of structures at the back of the theatre. This is to make way for a courtyard café and al fresco dining space in the area.

The courtyard design is done by Jasper Brown Architects, while the laneway, foyer and bar at the front are designed by Blight Rayner.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Revitalised Lifestyle Laneway

Currently, the pathway is dark, dreary and barely used. Under the plans, the laneway will be partially demolished and developed into a welcoming path to the lifestyle spaces around the theatre.

New ceiling and pavement will be installed to give the laneway some interesting texture and contrast. The new laneway will have an opening to the proposed theatre bar at the front side of the theatre. It will also lead straight to the courtyard café and restaurant at the back.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The approved plans involve adding a theatre bar and foyer area to the cultural building. The project will also see upgrades to the elevator to enhance building accessibility.

The plans have been done in a way that it will not negatively impact the heritage value of Metro Arts Theatre.

Find out more about the project’s Development Application (A004635558) at the Brisbane City Council website.