Popular Mannequin Nun on Milton Road Will Soon Say Goodbye

Sister Mary Angeline, the quirky mannequin nun that has captivated the hearts of Auchenflower locals, will soon be bidding Milton Road goodbye.

Affectionately named by her custodians Brad Ashwood and Simone De Haas, Sister Mary Angeline has been stationed behind a large glass window at 341 Milton Road since 2000.

Brad and Simone are theatre partners known for their creative flair. They initially set up the mannequin as a lighthearted way to brighten the daily routines of weary travellers.

Donning a range of hilarious costumes, the mannequin nun has become a familiar sight for commuters stuck in gridlocked traffic. Passersby have eagerly awaited each week’s ensemble, with the imaginative custodians dressing Sister Mary Angeline as everything from Batman to sporting team colours.

Amidst the many looks, the mannequin’s outfits that reflect on current events are the ones that have truly endeared her to the locals.

In 2011, as Milton Road experienced heavy flooding, Brad and Simone decided to give Sister Mary Angeline some floaties just in case the water levels rose to such heights. The floating nun adorned with her buoyant accessories quickly became a symbol of resilience and humour in the face of adversity.

Whenever something big happens in the news, you can bet your house on seeing the mannequin nun dressed up to match the occasion. She has been the barometer of what’s going on in this part of the world.

However, it appears that Sister Mary Angeline’s days on Milton Road are numbered. Brad and Simone have made the difficult decision to sell their house and embark on a sea- or tree-change of lifestyle. Nevertheless, they assure fans that the mannequin nun’s flamboyant costume-wearing antics will persist, no matter where they decide to call home next.

Published 25-June-2023