Number of Concerts per Year at Suncorp Stadium Could Potentially Double

Suncorp Stadium in Milton could temporarily increase the number of concerts it hosts per year from the current six to 12. A recent survey was also done to determine whether the community supports the proposal.

In mid-September 2022, the State Government released a survey asking the community if they would consider allowing the venue to double the number of concerts it will host per year after the last cap was eased. Currently, Suncorp Stadium is allowed to host up to six concerts only per year.

The survey is meant to help the State Government to understand whether local residents and businesses would support the proposed temporary increase in the number of concerts held at the Milton venue.

In 2015, the concert cap at Suncorp Stadium was increased to six from the previous four as a result of an eight-week online survey that showed that more than 83 per cent of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed to allow the move.

The latest community consultation which aims to determine if residents and local businesses agree to the proposal of having more than six concerts held at the stadium each year or not has already concluded. The responses are now already being considered.

Guns N' Roses is coming to Suncorp Stadium this 22nd November
Guns N’ Roses is coming to Suncorp Stadium this 22nd November | Photo credit: Facebook / Suncorp Stadium 

Within the next six months, there are seven concerts already lined up for the venue ā€“ Guns Nā€™ Roses, Justin Bieber, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

The proposed increase is a temporary measure in anticipation of the increase in the number of concert tours by major acts following the easing of pandemic-induced restrictions in many countries.

Also known as Brisbane Stadium and Lang Park, the Suncorp Stadium was built in the 1910s. The Stadiums Queensland-owned 52,500-seat stadium accommodates a range of uses including Rugby League, Rugby Union, soccer, concerts, boxing, and extreme sports. 

In late September 2022, the Queensland Government re-appointed ASM Global as manager of the stadium for five more years. ASM Global runs stadiums across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.