Milton Green Development Adding 14-Storey Tower on Little Cribb Street

Another commercial building will be added to Milton Green precinct, located by the Brisbane River, as part of the four-hectare inner-city re-development of the former Coronation Drive Office Park. 

Building 7 was part of the approved development plans, submitted in 2012, on Little Crib Street in Milton and it will feature a subtropical and contemporary facade as designed by Hassell and Richards & Spence. 

The commercial space will have campus-style facilities, multi-level parking spaces, as well as a tennis court and childcare centre for the employees’ use. Tenants who have pre-committed to this development have asked for these facilities from AMP Capital Funds Management and Sunsuper, which jointly owns Milton Green.  

Photo Credit: Richards & Spence

Milton Green’s commercial spaces are on 6, 12 and 18 Little Cribb Street but the precinct has plenty of spaces for outdoor events and socialisation, play, fitness and recreation. The precinct is also a dining venue with heaps of choices.

The developers aim to make Milton Green a “truly integrated community” of the most inclusive commercial hub in Brisbane. 

“From weekly farmers’ markets held on-site, to pop up food trucks, Brisbane’s trendiest café and restaurant operators, customer-facing networking events and public-facing markets – Milton Green’s rich events and retail mix provides an evolving experience for those who live, work or play here,” the developers said.