From Classroom to Cafeteria: Milton Kids Reinvent Snack Time

A visionary dad from Paddington, whose kids attend Milton State School, joined forces with local kids, coming up with an ingenious solution to revolutionise snacking-on-the-go!

Mr. Jeff Roiron has made a reusable pump-action syringe that kids can use to bring yoghurt and drinks to school. The Koor pump-action syringe, which he invented, is going to change the way kids in Brisbane pack their lunches and snacks, getting rid of expensive and bad for the environment plastic food bags.

Roiron’s clever flask has a plunger system that lets you fill it with drinks, yoghurt, soups, and purees. It’s a flexible and eco-friendly alternative to single-use pouches. Because his girls were worried about plastic waste and the school’s efforts to stop it, Roiron set out to make a solution that was useful, cheap, and could be used again and again.

Photo Credit: Youtube/Koor

To make the food pouch right, many changes were made, such as making it smaller when it’s full, designing a lid to keep food clean, and adding a handle to make it easier to carry. The name “Koor” comes from the French word “cours,” which means “run.” The idea behind the product is that kids want to eat quickly and then go back to playing.

And Koor has not only caught the attention of families in Queensland, but also of children at Milton State School. The school’s Year 4 technology group worked with Roiron to improve the idea. They learned important lessons about how to solve problems and care for the environment along the way.

Photo Credit: Youtube/Koor

According to Koor’s website, they aim to eliminate the necessity for single-use plastic drink and food containers, such as food pouches, festival and stadium cups, coffee cups, and yoghurt cups.

The environmental impact of single-use plastics is staggering: Australians discard 2.7 million disposable coffee cups every day, amounting to 1.8 billion cups annually. Additionally, the food pouch market is experiencing a growth rate of 6.5% per year.

Koor wants to encourage healthier eating, lower household costs, and reduce plastic waste by letting families fill the pouch with bulk-bought, organic, homemade, or locally found food or yoghurt. Pre-sale orders can be placed online for $30. As interest in the idea grows outside of Brisbane, Roiron imagines a world where Koor changes the way people eat lunch and encourages a more environmentally friendly way to snack on the go.

Published Date 01-April-2024