Elizabeth Arcade in Brisbane CBD Transforms as New Asian Foodie Hub FudoDori

Did you know that a new Asian foodie hub has opened in Brisbane CBD? Found within Elizabeth Arcade on Elizabeth Street, FudoDori means “food street” in Japanese and, staying true to its name, it is lined with a buffet of dishes from different establishments. 

FudoDori caters to foodies who want a quick bite while still sampling different flavours and options. Here, diners can wander around the arcade to check what stalls offer, buy their meals, and sit down to eat at the communal area. 

Photo Credit: FudoDori/Facebook

So far, FudoDori’s first wave of restaurants include:

Yakiniku Hachi A Japanese grill spot with meats and veggies cooked to perfection. 
Lu Cha Kitchen + Bar A traditional Chinese tea house that serves fusion food to go with their choices of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Lu Cha means “green tea.” 
Koto Sanpo An authentic Japanese restaurant offering cafe dishes like Teriyaki Salmon spaghetti and karaage (chicken) sandwiches, as well as a variety of floats, frappe and latte.
Malee A Thai eatery serving authentic spicy dishes from South East Asia. 
Hoto Dogu This joint mainly serves hot dogs with Japanese flavours served from a hot dog stand. 
Amai Kawaii Dessert DepotFor Japanese sweet treats prepared and served in the cutest (kawaii) way possible. 
Photo Credit: FudoDori/Facebook
Photo Credit: FudoDori/Facebook

However, the lineup will soon expand to include Na Bangkok’s spicy dishes, an izakaya (Japanese bar), as well as a still-unnamed Chinese hot pot. 

FudoDori opened in late May and since then, the foodie hub has gone full blast. Trading hours starts at 11:30 a.m. and ends at 9:30 p.m.