Corgi Garden: Cutest Theme Cafe Opens in Milton

Did you know that Milton has a cute secret? Tucked away in the back street on Gardner Close is Corgi Garden, the cutest themed cafe to open in the city.

Corgi Garden, from Stephen Tam and Amy Chung, debuted in February 2023 and was inspired by KitKat, the cafe owners’ 3-year-old Corgi. The pair, who also have a Border Collie named TimTam, decided to open a small restaurant in a quiet area for their beloved pets to chill without having too much stimulation all around them.

The cafe is located next to several office buildings in Milton, thus the location is also ideal for workers to relax during their office breaks. The eatery isn’t just for dog lovers because there are plenty of reasons to try its brunch choices paired with refreshing drinks. 

Diners with a sweet tooth will find the corgi butt buns filled with delicious Nutella so irresistible. Corgi Garden also serves French toast with a good helping of condensed milk, ice cream and Oreo cookies. This delightful treat goes so well with cappuccinos.

Corgi Garden
Photo Credit: Corgi Garden Brisbane/Instagram

Famished customers may get their fill of the tasty crispy prawn avo sandwich with eggs benedict and some seaweed flakes for a Japanese-inspired brunch or order a heavy meal of pasta or rice bowls. 

Corgi Garden
Photo Credit: Corgi Garden Brisbane/Instagram
Corgi Garden
Photo Credit: Corgi Garden Brisbane/Instagram

KitKat and TimTam, both well-trained, are always around to greet the customers or beg for a pat on the head. Since its opening, dog owners in the area have also brought along their pups in the inviting space, which has been designed with yellow and white striped walls and colourful neon signage with a Corgi. Dogs may be served with puppuccinos as well as meaty tartare treats when available.

As the cafe is newly-opened, some delays might be expected as Corgi Garden has been inundated with bookings and enquiries.  For updates and the latest offering, follow their Instagram

Very lovely cafe! A decent place for brunch. The quality of food was great, the unique dressing and bacon were better than many other places. The price was affordable and reasonable. The volume of food given were surprising. Environment was clean and tidy.Besides, they are also offering little dog cakes. Would definitely recommend and visit again.

Yijun Chen

This little cafe is a hidden gem. I got a simple Chicken and Avo sandwich, which was delicious. The bread they used was amazingly soft and the container it came in was so convenient for eating. The cafe was very clean and had lots of seating options. Went with my dog and the service was amazing and friendly. They offerred us yoghurt dog treats and a free puppachino which was very much appreciated.

Frank Lowah

Corgi in the shop is super cute and friendly. Very busy on the weekend so there is a bit of wait but definitely worth it!! Food is amazing and very presentable. Even have dog menu for doggy. Definitely coming back again.