Turn Your Kitchen Scraps into Compost at the New Milton Composting Hub

A composting hub has been added to Milton Community Garden’s growing community hub.

Milton Community Garden has been successful in bringing the community together as it offers a space for locals to gather and cultivate their collective green thumbs.

Photo credit: Milton Community Garden, Brisbane QLD/Facebook

The long-awaited Milton composting hub of the community garden was sponsored by the Brisbane City Council. Several caddies are now available throughout the area. The scheduled caddy collection for Milton is from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. every second Sunday of the month.

The Milton Community Garden is accessible to the local community, including the suburbs of Milton, Auchenflower, Rosalie, and Paddington. With its location just behind the Milton State School, the community garden fosters engagement with the students from the school.

Photo credit: Milton Community Garden, Brisbane QLD/Facebook

Local residents can get fresh produce from the garden and can even drop by to help out in turning the compost bins to speed up the breakdown of the organic waste into compost.

Aside from the growing garden and composting hub, the Milton Community Garden also includes a community library where locals can borrow books for free.

Photo credit: Milton Community Garden, Brisbane QLD/Facebook

To learn more about the Milton Community Garden and how to become a volunteer, you may visit their Facebook page or email them at communitygardenmilton@gmail.com.

Looking for other places where you can get fresh farm produce? You can explore the vast food and produce options at the Milton Markets every Sunday morning.