Milton Brewery Workers Organize a Strike to Protest Against Management

Commonwealth Games risks losing XXXX supplies as the Milton-based brewery’s workers plan to walk off their jobs on Monday, the 26th of March to protest against job insecurity.

XXXX, a Queensland trademark,  is the official beer of the games, which begin on 4 April 2018.

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Struggling brewery workers have been worried over job security as nearly a third of their workforce has been laid off during the past few years.

XXXX Brewery’s name stands for the traditional grading for strong beer, where the number of X’s indicates beer strength. It made noise in recent years due to providing insecure careers to its employees. Nearly 40 workers have lost their jobs.

Photo credit: XXXX Brewery

The current workers are not going to let themselves suffer the same fate. Around 100 workers are going to strike just in time to threaten XXXX supplies on the much-awaited Commonwealth Games.

United Voice Queensland’s spokesperson Damien Davie has made it clear what the protest will be about.

“We want everyone to be able to drink XXXX while they’re enjoying the Commonwealth Games,” he said. “But management needs to come to the table, or they’ll risk disrupting beer supply at this important time.”

However, both Commonwealth Games’ and Brewery’s management are unbothered by the threat.

According to games chairman Peter Beattie, the organizers “have a lot of faith that XXXX will be able to provide.”

Brewery director Irene Bell expressed her disappointment over the strike. She claimed that it would not affect supply for the games.

She also brushed off the allegations that XXXX is being produced outside Queensland. “Let me say this again – XXXX was born here, it’s brewed here, and the brewery is not going anywhere.”