Beurre Pastries: Buttery Goodness From This New, Experimental Bakery in Milton

Judging from the daily queues forming every morning at their Park Road Store, Beurre Pastries is a bonafide hit among the discerning pastry patrons of Milton and nearby suburbs.

All the hype is about more than just their classic staples, like their plain, chocolate, and almond croissants. The real magic lies in their rotating menu of local one-off specials, seasonal creations, and unique delicacies — all of them delicious, with a devoted following on social media.

Tonka bean, infused pastry cream, apricot jelly, apricot half in Beurre’s signature butter pastry, topped with almonds (Photo Credit: Instagram/beurrepastriesbne )

Beurre Pastries is the brainchild of owner and patissier Will Leung, known for his expertise and creativity. Hailing from the Christchurch bakery LeBakerman, Will brings his passion for innovative flavours and high-end pastries to Brisbane and he does not disappoint.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Lowry Group

Beurre Pastries is not just your ordinary bakery; it’s a sleek and chic artisan patisserie that mesmerizes visitors from the moment they step inside. The light-filled, designer space adorned with marble and modern aesthetics serves as the perfect showcase for a delectable range of pastries, which are best for takeaway. 

Where the bakery truly shines is with its ever-changing seasonal treats and specials with bold flavours and unexpected combinations showcasing Will’s ingenuity and passion.

Hazelnut-59% Belgian choloate-gianduja-sea salt-vanilla bean- marshmallow fluff baked into a signature Beurre croissant, then topped with toasted marshmallow (Photo Credit: Instagram/beaurrepastriesbne )

Customers have been raving about their favourites, including the black sesame morning buns, ham, cheese, and chilli cube croissants, and the ultimate s’more experience with the gianduja marshmallow croissant.

Savoury jambon monkey bread made with pieces of croissant pastry rolled in chilli jam baked into a cube, with sliced champagne ham (Photo credit: Instagram/beurrepastriesbne )

To the growing list of loyal patrons, it seems like Will Leung’s creativity knows no bounds.

Mexican-inspired butter Danish with the flavours of elote — creamy cheddar cheese bechamel, sweet corn kernels, torched corn rib covered in mayo, sour cream, and a hefty sprinkle of chilli and lime powder (Photo credit: Instagram/beurrepastriesbne )

Beurre also offers a delightful selection of specialty iced drinks to pair perfectly with their flaky wonders. The selection of specialty drinks is equally impressive, and their refreshing sparkly ades will undoubtedly be the talk of the town during warmer months. 

Iced latte wit toasted, nutty, black sesame cold foam (Photo Credit: Instragram/beurrepastriesbne)

From the dirty matcha to the Banoffee cold foam latte, each sip complements the flavours of the pastries and adds to the overall delightful experience.

Yuzu sparkling ade — yuzu cooked into a thick jam, with yuzu confit and sparkling water (Photo Credit: Instagram/beurrepastriesbne )

Beurre Pastries has quickly become a beloved spot in Brisbane, and it’s no surprise given the attention to detail in both their pastries and their modern, stylish interior.

The buzz around Beurre Pastries has led to people queueing up every morning to buy some of their heavenly treats.

“These guys are on their way to being awesome.  They’re newly opened, and so it’s reasonable that they’re sorting through some kinks. I’ll revisit when they rotate their flavours and see how they go. Some of the textures of the pastries were a bit hit-and-miss. My favourite pastries were the black sesame and the pistachio scroll. The apricot Danish was ok, not as flaky, but the earl grey flan had a lovely silky texture.”


“Modern pasty shop that stands out as best in town! The contemporary ambience creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and you can enjoy a wide selection of delicious sweet and savoury pastries! Not to mention the great coffees! Whether you are a pastry lover or seeking a delightful treat, Beurre Pastries is a must-visit destination!” 


“Amazing pastries! Ordered a lychee dragon pearl tea ade and loved it. One downside is there is nowhere to sit and enjoy your pastries.”


Published 25-July-2023