The First Day Of Spring: Brisbane Arcade Spring Flower Show 2018

The Brisbane Arcade Spring Flower Show 2018  is here again for its third annual event from 1 to 7 September at the Queen Street Mall. This year’s theme is “Spring Fair.”

On 1 September, as part of this year’s Spring Flower Show, a runway show will launch the spring fashion and jewellery collection, followed by a cocktail party inside the Arcade.

Brisbane Arcade Spring Flower Show 2018
Photo credit: Lady Brisbane

Get to see the latest spring collections from well-known design studios and retailers in the Arcade such as:

  • 2020 Optical
  • Darb Couture
  • Irma J Smith House of Fashion
  • Keri Craig Emporium
  • Maiocchi
  • Pia du Pradal
  • Stephen Dibb Jewellery

… and many more!

The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. and the cocktail party will follow shortly. The evening of the first day of the Spring Fair will end at 10:30 p.m. Over 300 guests are expected to witness the runaway show and the cocktail party. Tickets for the first day event are now sold out.

Don’t worry, though. The Spring Flower Show will run for a week and is free to the public.
The following days will showcase beautiful flower installations which include a variety of Orchids species as well as carnations, lilies, snapdragons, and other blooms.