Brace Yourselves for a Beer Run in Milton!

How good are you at running and chugging a lot of beer at the same time? Prove your skills at the upcoming beer run, which will cover five locations across Milton and the nearby suburbs.

You’ve got more than a whole month to get ready and “train” for this beer run as it’s happening on Sunday, 2 8 March 2021. 

If this is your first time though — no pressure! You don’t have to bust your chops and do a lot of legwork as a beer run is simply another exciting pub crawl. All you need to do is run (or walk, or hop!) to five pre-selected pit stops and drink with your buds!

Photo Credit: Alven Neo/Google Maps

This event will kick off at the Newstead Brewing Co and then moving to the Milton Common. The rest of the pit stops are at Fritzenberger in Petrie Terrace, Brisbane Brewery Co. in West End and the Charming Squire in South Bank. 

There will be running leaders to guide participants at the routes. The event is expected to last for three hours but if the runners want to stay at the last brewery for a party, then it’s all well and good!

To score tickets for this event, register online for $55, which covers five beers and a Beer Run bib.

Participants also get a novelty Beer Run bottle opener medal when they “cross” the “finish line,” whether sober or drunk! Runners in their wackiest costumes will also win a prize.  Good luck!