The Floods Ended Milton Community Garden But Baroona Farm Has Become a Strong Alternative

The Milton Community Garden was a beloved fixture of the local community, providing a space for residents to come together and grow organic food whilst learning about sustainable gardening practices. However, in the wake of the disastrous floods of 2022, the garden was forced to close its doors.

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The floods destroyed the garden’s infrastructure, including the brilliant wicking beds that were created by the community. The once-thriving urban farm was left in ruins, with the lights from the epic food tunnel no longer twinkling bright through the night.

In 2011, a passionate and committed group of local residents took the lead in setting up the Compost Hub and Community Garden, driven by their deep concern for the environment and their goal to foster a sense of community between Milton and Rosalie residents. 

The Community Gardens & Compost Hub (Photo credit: Milton Community Garden/Facebook)

The Compost Hub and Community Garden was a thriving urban farm, which converted tonnes of local waste into rich compost that was then fed back into local gardens. The community was able to grow their own organic produce and share it with their neighbours, establishing strong bonds and creating a sense of camaraderie.

The garden after the 2022 floods (Photo credit: Milton Community Garden/Facebook)

The closure of the garden was a devastating blow to the community, who had invested so much time, effort, and love into making it a thriving hub of activity. 

However, the community has not lost its passion for sustainable living and community engagement. They have endorsed Baroona Farm as a worthy alternative, where locals can continue to come together to grow food and build community whilst learning about sustainable gardening practices.

Milton Community Garden
Baroona Farm volunteers (Photo credit: Baroona Farm/Facebook)

Baroona Farm offers opportunities for community engagement and sustainable living, including learning about organic farming, composting, and beekeeping. It also provides a way for the community to help those who have limited or no access to fresh produce.

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Baroona Farm is located in the grounds of St Francis College at 25 Baroona Rd, Milton. You can follow them on Facebook to learn more about their initiative.

Published 17-April-2023