A New Gem in the City: Ardo’s Wine Now Pouring in Milton

Ardo’s Wine has opened a trendy wine bar and cellar door in Milton’s vibrant neighbourhood. This new establishment enhances the local wine scene and provides a modern, industrial atmosphere for the community to enjoy Brisbane-made wines.

Since launching its flagship location in Newstead in March 2023, Ardo’s Wine has rapidly expanded its footprint across Brisbane.

In just 12 months, it has burgeoned into a significant presence with three additional locations in Graceville, Hawthorne, and now Milton, which opened its doors on 9th of March 2024. 

Ardo’s signature design features a sleek combination of rosy marble tops and polished concrete, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere for wine enthusiasts at each venue, including the latest in Milton.

A Shift Towards Local Excellence

Milton’s cellar door opening marks a significant shift for Ardo’s Wine, highlighting City Winery’s customised wines. Ardo’s now serves as a direct gateway to City Winery’s cellar, easily accessible from one’s neighbourhood. 

This move aligns with City Winery’s philosophy of supporting local communities and independent vineyards, strengthening the relationship between local winemakers and their customers.

One notable addition is the expanded selection of City Winery’s own artisan wines, made from carefully selected Australian grapes that highlight the country’s diverse viticultural landscape. Ardo’s Milton also features a self-service wine tap for carafes, as well as a unique wine-blending experience that allows customers to create their own customised wines.

Beyond Wine: A Gastronomic Delight

Ardo’s has expanded its food options beyond pintxos-style snacks and now offers a more diverse selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and accompaniments to complement its extensive wine selection.

This change is aimed at providing guests with an ideal setting to create their ideal grazing board and enhance their overall Ardo’s experience.

Ardo’s Wine’s expansion, culminating in the opening of its Milton location, marks a significant moment for Brisbane’s wine culture. By creating a space that is as much about community as it is about wine, Ardo’s invites locals and visitors alike to explore the rich tapestry of Australian wines in a setting that feels both elevated and accessible.

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