MS-Stricken Andrew Buchanan Decides to Close Urbane, The Euro and The Laneway Bar

For two decades, Andrew Buchanan’s stylish, award-winning restaurants on Mary Street offered a dining experience like no other. Come Christmas Day, however, the fine-dining restaurant Urbane, its next-door site The Euro, and second-floor establishment The Laneway Bar will be serving their last Christmas lunch as they will permanently close and cease trading in late December.

Mr Buchanan made the personal decision to shut down his successful restaurants as he announced his battle with multiple sclerosis. Diagnosed with the agonising condition at 39 years old, Mr Buchanan, now 45, said that he needed to focus on his health and less on the stress of running the popular eateries in Brisbane CBD.

Photo Credit: Urbane Restaurants/Facebook

The decision didn’t come easy, though, especially after breaking the news to his staff. However, his staff were witnesses to his physical struggles as his ability to walk or carry heavy items deteriorated.

Though Mr Buchanan said he isn’t ashamed of the visible signs of his disease, he felt running restaurants in his condition will bring a lot of questions when couples, families and groups of friends come to celebrate birthdays, special occasions, and happy events at his restaurant. 

“It is not something I have shared or drawn attention to. However, the physical symptoms of MS are now obvious and make running the restaurants tough,” Mr Buchanan said.  

“I would like to thank the incredible team I work with – both in the kitchen and on the floor – who have gone above and beyond to support me and give 150 percent every day.”

Photo Credit: The Euro/Facebook

Mr Buchanan considered selling Urbane, The Euro and The Laneway bar with its fully-equipped facilities. Since these deals take a while to complete, closing the stores was his best option since time is no longer on his side.  

Instead, the restauranteur and his staff are set to end a fantastic era on a high note. Reservations for the final trading day are now open. Urbane and The Euro will serve their last meals on Christmas Day lunch, whilst The Laneway is closing at the end of the year. Make your booking below:

Urbane The Euro The Laneway
phone + 61 7 3229 3686