Brisbane Metro Project Update: Adelaide Street Tunnel Construction Now Underway

Significant progress has been made on the ongoing construction works for the Brisbane Metro project, including the excavation of a 213-meter tunnel beneath Adelaide Street and the revitalisation of the surrounding streetscape.

The Brisbane Metro project is poised to transform Brisbane’s transportation system, offering a convenient turn-up-and-go service that will cover a distance of 21 kilometres, linking vital destinations from Eight Mile Plains to Roma Street and Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital to The University of Queensland.

Major construction activities on the Adelaide Street tunnel are now well underway. This 213-meter tunnel will serve as a crucial link, connecting the South East Busway and the Inner Northern Busway for Brisbane Metro vehicles and buses. As an alternative route, the tunnel will alleviate congestion in the CBD during peak hours, reducing the number of buses on the streets by up to a third.

The tunnel’s excavation will be carried out in three sections, employing a delicate and precise construction methodology to protect the surrounding streetscape. This approach ensures minimal disruption to the historical significance and functionality of the area.

To complete the tunnel, an impressive amount of soil and rock, equivalent to sixteen Olympic swimming pools, will be removed. Advanced tunnelling methods are being employed, allowing for a significant reduction in the construction timeline, from two and a half years to approximately 12 months. This expedited process ensures the completion of the tunnel with minimal disruption to the city and its residents.

Moreover, Council is concurrently revitalising Adelaide Street’s streetscape, encompassing footpath and bus stop upgrades, new landscaping, street furniture, lighting improvements, and the relocation and installation of underground services.

These enhancements will be implemented in three stages until late 2024, strategically minimising disruptions to businesses, pedestrians, and public transport users, with Brisbane City Council employing measures like after-hours construction to mitigate inconveniences.

In late 2024, Brisbane Metro services are expected to commence as the Stage 1 project reaches its completion,

Published 15-May-2023